How To Fix Disqus Width Problem in Twenty Thirteen Theme

Recently I have Installed Twenty Thirteen theme of WordPress 3.6. It is a wonderful theme but lacking some essentials. I never used WordPress basic theme before. Whenever I find a problem, I try to find the solution in Internet. As you know all solution is available. You just have find the right keyword for it. Google is waiting to help you out. I have used Disqus previously in my another websites. But never a problem, until now. When I installed it here in Twenty Thirteen Theme, it got problem. Its a basic visual problem. If you have installed, you will know it. It acts as full width covering the whole screen. Basically it should be below the post only. It was supposed to be automatically fixed it alignment and margins when the sidebar is enabled. It  spreads across page on the new Twenty Thirteen theme. Here I will show you how to fix the width of disqus in Twenty Thirteen Theme.If you want to install Disqus, here is the link: Disqus Comment System

Disqus Comments Placement Problem:

So you will need to edit some code. Be prepare. And do it carefully.

1. First go to Disqus WordPress Plugin Settings through Comments. Place [Dont click] mouse above the Comments. You will find Disqus. From the right side above select Plugin Settings.

2. Select “” in Template Conflicts section.

3. Now Go to Plugins>Editor>Select plugin to Edit>Disqus comment System.

4. Find  “disqus-comment-system/comments.php”. It is the lower section. Number 2 from below. Now you will find “disqus_thread” in around 7th line.

How To Fix Disqus Width Problem in Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme

5. You need to add the “entry-content” class to the disqus_thread. See the image.

I think the Disqus problem is no more. Thanks.

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