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How To Make a Free Terms of Service Page

Terms of service or Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions are pages of a website that matters with the Legal aspect of using a website. If you owns  a website or blog you must have a terms of service page. This page will save you from any legal problems. But it is not easy […]

Register Free and Increase Traffic To Your Blog by Copromly

Copromly is a new content sharing website. You promote your post in Copromly. Share it in Facebook, twitter etc. with others fellow bloggers post. And your post will be shared by other bloggers. That’s why the slogan is “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”. Its an easy website to share and promote your post. There are many other […]

How to Make your Brand Popular [Infographic]

Brand represents your company. Choosing the right brand and to make it popular in internet is a major task. Everyone knows it. But the question is how can you make your new brand popular. If your customers become happy they would consider to come back. So ask yourself, if they want to come back, how […]

How To Promote a Blog Post After You Publish

How To Promote a Blog Post in Facebook After You Publish

Writing a beautiful SEO optimized blog post is definitely a hard working job. A good blogger needs to sacrifice a lot of hours and use the brain to complete a good unique, quality content post. But what happens next? You just write it and hit the publish button. Then most probably your new blog post will […]

200 Search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors of Google (Infographic)

search engine optimization ranking is the ultimate goal to be in the first page of Google search engines. Google uses some search engine optimization ranking signals. It s almost 200. Not all of them is important as Target keywords, Valid Backlinks, Powerful Social signals etc. Previously the seo firm was popular. But with Penguin and Hummingbird update these are just like vanished in the […]

Understanding Schema.org Markup Guide for Beginners

Recently I was trying to understand Schema.org Markup. So writing this while discovering a wonderful SEO techniques. I will describe here in short about Schema.org Markup. Everything written here is collected from various websites across the internet. Google has introduced Schema.org in June 02, 2011. It is a structured data markup schema supported by major search engines such as Google, […]

How The Google Hummingbird Affects SEO

After more than ten years, Google has released a new search algorithm. The latest bird release of Google is not just any update like the Panda or the Penguin. The Google Hummingbird is whole new search algorithm and it tries to make searches more intuitive while delivering quick and precise search results. Aside from being more than […]

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