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Download W3Schools Offline Version Tutorials Free

Download W3Schools Offline Version Tutorials Free

W3Schools.com is a popular web learning website. It is the best website to learn HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, browser scripting java script vbscript DHTML WML Script, server scripting PHP, ASP, SQL, Dot NET etc. Many people searches internet to download the Offline version of w3schools.com. When you dont have the active internet connection you can browse w3schools website […]

How To Make a Free Terms of Service Page

Terms of service or Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions are pages of a website that matters with the Legal aspect of using a website. If you owns  a website or blog you must have a terms of service page. This page will save you from any legal problems. But it is not easy […]

How To Check Your Site In Different Screen Resolutions

I am using LG E1940S Monitor. Its screen resolution is 1366*744. I am developing my site using this screen resolution. My site is looking Rocks in this condition. But everyone in the world have not this same resolution. Some uses more bigger or some uses smaller resolution. So what my site will be looked like […]

Top 10 Popular URL Shorteners Best For SEO

URL shorteners are used to make short link of a site. URL Shorteners provides a short nice looking( ! ) link. You can share them everywhere. Twitter will give you 140 words to share something, if your link eats much word, there will not be enough place to share your thoughts. On the other hand […]

How To Create a Free Privacy Policy Page

Privacy Policy Page A Blog or Website must have to have a privacy policy. These policies are very important for your blog. They inform your visitors about the legal aspects of your website. Writing your own privacy policy can be extremely painful. There are many websites in the Internet that will give you a fully customizable […]

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