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Use Emoticon Bar In Facebook Chat Without Code

Facebook is the most popular social media site. Facebook users can chat with their online friend in their default chat section. But can not use predefined emoticons. To use emoticons they have to remember the code which is quite impossible. I use Trillian to chat with my online friends, But many of my friends use […]

How To Enable Secure Browsing HTTPS Feature On Facebook

You may have seen “https://” in the browser address bar. It means the data on that page is encrypted and secure. HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure which was originated in 1994 and was updated in 2000. Some websites can only be accessed using HTTP , but Facebook provides the option of browsing through […]

How to Link Your Facebook Page to Twitter

Today it is very tough to find a person who don’t heard the name of Facebook, Twitter etc. There are a lot of Facebook fan page. Now i am going to show you that When you post something on your fan page it will posted to your Twitter account. So the followers of your twitter […]

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