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  1. But simple share button have some image optimization and CSS sprite issue, though i have fixed the optimization part myself, the CSS sprite part is giving me pain now! Anyways another a nice article, 8.5/10.

    1. I am going for rtSocial. Its the best available. with 1 image (CSS-sprite), 1 JavaScript and 1 CSS file loaded from WordPress-running server; counts are fetched using AJAX request for sites like facebook/twitter after page loading finishes…What do you think?

    2. Checked rtSocial not so good. Testing Floating Social Bar. Sujon uses this.

  2. I would recommend Floating social bar which will not have much effect on the page load speed. It only gets activated when the user hovers over the social buttons.

    1. I have tried that, But it had some conflict with my theme, not working properly. So I thought to use code instead. I see you are using Floating social bar in your site. Nicely matched.

  3. I already added social share button in my site but it is a plugin. Plugin always make the site little bit slow. So its great idea to add coding rather than plugin. I’ll try add this in my site.

    Thanks for share

  4. Being a WordPress user, if you are using JetPack plugin, then you should use its inbuilt sharing feature. This will help you add social sharing buttons of almost every social service without additional javascript and compromising the page speed. I personally use it and recommend to my friends.

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