DIMS Download Medicine Drug Information App with Password

DIMS is a Android App which contains all drug information's. DIMS is developed by TWgBD and supplied by Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited for the doctors. DIMS means Drug Information Management System. It contains almost all drugs information's. It is helpful for all doctors. It is mainly for the Bangladeshi doctors to get the brand name of all pharmaceuticals companies. DIMS is the android mobile … [Continue reading]

Smart Phone Memory Card Buying Tips and Guide

Smart Phone memory card are crucial factor for your android mobile. Memory card stores the songs, photos, videos, large game data file etc. Some mobile had bigger internal storage. So they might want to avoid using the extra storage facility. Memory card can be used in Digital camera, mobile phone, tablet, note book etc. Today I will show you 15 things that you must know about smart phone memory … [Continue reading]

How to Show Internet Speed in Status Bar of Android Mobile

You can see the current internet network speed in the notification bar on top of the screen. You will just need the right app. There are many apps which measures the internet speed provided by the carrier. But with this app you will be able to see real time internet network speed in the taskbar. The name of the app is Internet Speed meter. It has free version and Pro version. … [Continue reading]

How To Build Your Own Arcade Machine

Since the creation of MAME, fans of classic arcade games can revisit their favorites without a weight mad cross-country tour for surviving old-school arcades. My first order of business with this MAME project is to figure out what style cabinet and controls I want - the only real reason I'm worrying about cabinet design at this point in time may be the number of … [Continue reading]

Medical Marijuana

It can make you more aware of your senses, and the hallucinogenic effects can even give you a feeling of time slowing down. "States have a right to decide this for themselves," said Michael P. Lawlor, senior criminal justice adviser for Conn. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy towards the Connecticut Mirror! State officials insist the federal government has no right to call the shots … [Continue reading]

How To Make a Free Terms of Service Page

Terms of service or Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions are pages of a website that matters with the Legal aspect of using a website. If you owns  a website or blog you must have a terms of service page. This page will save you from any legal problems. But it is not easy to make a terms of service page so easily. Usually it includes a lot of information or data. You may forget … [Continue reading]

Use Emoticon Bar In Facebook Chat Without Code

Facebook is the most popular social media site. Facebook users can chat with their online friend in their default chat section. But can not use predefined emoticons. To use emoticons they have to remember the code which is quite impossible. I use Trillian to chat with my online friends, But many of my friends use the traditional Facebook chat section. For them this tips will … [Continue reading]

How To Enable Secure Browsing HTTPS Feature On Facebook

You may have seen "https://" in the browser address bar. It means the data on that page is encrypted and secure. HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure which was originated in 1994 and was updated in 2000. Some websites can only be accessed using HTTP , but Facebook provides the option of browsing through a secure connection by using HTTPS. So If you activate this … [Continue reading]