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How to Make Feedburner Subscription Email More Attractive

Email subscription is one of the best way to get return visitor. Every websites have email subscription box. I have some good quantity of visitors from mail subscription. Feedburner is a service of Google. It lets visitor to subscribe to your blog. When you publish a new post, a mail is send to the subscriber. Today I will show you the way to change the email subject line to post title. An … [Continue reading]

How To Download Youtube Video Directly on Android Phone

Youtube is the most popular video sharing website. Android users can directly download youtube videos to android phone without the help of computer. Its easy to download youtube videos from computer. But you will need special app to download youtube videos on your android device. Here I am going to tell you how you can do it. The most popular app for downloading youtube video on android mobile is … [Continue reading]

How To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease 10 Best Ways [infographic]

Alzheimer's Disease is an brain diseases that kills the memory and thinking power. Alzheimer's Disease slows down the cognitive functions. In most of the cases it appears at the old age usually after the age of 60 years. It is true that more than 5.1 million Americans may have Alzheimer’s disease. It is one kind of dementia. Alzheimer's Disease accounts for between 60% and 80% … [Continue reading]

Most Common Grammar Mistakes That You Should Avoid [infographic]

Grammar Mistakes is common among us. Even when i am writing this, I may have done some mistakes. Today I have found this beautiful infographic showing the most common grammar mistakes. This infographic is made by You can download a copy of pdf to keep save it in your computer. Errors and misspelling can make you look like a beginner. Avoiding these … [Continue reading]

5 Secret Tips to Increase Facebook Page Like Comments Shares [Infographic]

Facebook is the most popular website in the world. It is visited by billions of people everyday. There are also millions of Facebook page. Like a celebrity page, company page, Brand page etc. These page needs like to show how much they are popular on Facebook. There are many tips to get more engagement. Today I will share a Infographic that will tell you 5 top secret tips to … [Continue reading]

Latest Java 8 Offline Direct Download Link for Windows, Mac, Linux

Java is one of the essential software for your computer. The Oracle has released Java 8 on 19th March 2014. After a fresh windows set up some essential software’s are needed to be installed at very first. This is one of them. Here is the essential software list made by me. It is very essential to keep updated, mainly for security reason. You need to uninstall the previous … [Continue reading]

How to Make your Brand Popular [Infographic]

Brand represents your company. Choosing the right brand and to make it popular in internet is a major task. Everyone knows it. But the question is how can you make your new brand popular. If your customers become happy they would consider to come back. So ask yourself, if they want to come back, how could they find your site? Here comes the importance of right brand. We are all … [Continue reading]

Download Opera Mini 8 for All Nokia Samsung Java Mobile

Opera mini is the most popular mobile web browser. Opera mini has released the latest version of the browser which is opera mini 8. Opera mini 8 is now available for download for all java and blackberry phones. It has a whole new look with minimalistic flat design , private browsing, night mode etc. Opera mini has approximately more than 250 million users worldwide. I am using … [Continue reading]